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Sacred Psychology of Change
Life as a Voyage of Transformation
by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.

Author’s Prologue


1  Forging Our Destiny in a Changing World
         A Lesson from the Bridge of San Luis Rey
         Spiritual Adepts as Cultural Change Agents
         Lighting the Way in the Aquarian Age with a Spark of Divine Love
         Walking the Earth with Compassion
         The Heart as the Harmonizer of Cellular Activity
         Entrainment Creates Physical, Emotional and Mental Harmony
         The Enlightened Heart: Our Greatest Gift
         Understanding Our Holographic Nature
         Our Heart as the Conductor of the Inner Symphony of Mind, Body and Spirit
         Exercise for Attuning to Your Heart

2  Exploring the Sacred Miracle of Adeptship
         Constant Hyper-Alert Thrusts Us Into a Survival Mode
         Internal Reaction to Ongoing Mayhem Creates Battle Fatigue
         Keeping Our Balance while Surfing Turbulent Waves of Change
         A Shift in Perspective: Observing and Listening from the Heart
         Preparing for a Cosmic Process of Renewal and Transcendence
         Expansion of Consciousness for Soul-Renewal and Self-Transcendence
         Preparing Ourselves To Meet Planetary Changes
         Exercise in Handling Personal and Planetary Change

3  Awakening the Gifts of Our Inner Hero
         Redeeming Our "Puppet-Like" Shadow Nature through Conscious Awareness
         The Story of Pinocchio as a Lesson in the Negative "Shadow"
         Listening To Our Own Jiminy Cricket Conscience
         Pleasure Island: Where All Our Dreams Come True-or Do They?
         The Search for Geppetto and Pinocchio's Redemption
         Transforming Our Inner Pinocchio into a Hero
         Exercise: Who Is Your Inner Pinocchio?

 4  Shift of the Ages: Light! the Alchemical Key
         Light Is the Alchemical Key To Self-Transformation
         Stability Comes from Our Inner Spiritual Lodestone
         Become an Adept at Handling Change
         Accessing Our Inner Potential and Expanding Our Consciousness
         Handling Inner Woundedness and Karmic Predicaments as Spiritual Initiations
         Achieving Peaceful Nonattachment as the Buddha under the Bodhi Tree
         Buddha Under the Bodhi Tree Exercise

 5  Chaos as Prelude to Personal Metamorphosis
         Chaos Creates Transformation and Renewal
         Transplanting Ourselves Can Be a Chaotic Process of Renewal
         Claiming Inner Metamorphosis in the Midst of Tumultuous Happenings
         Exercise: Using Knowledge of Chaos as a Compass

 6  The Odyssey of Self-Transformation
         Lessons on the Homeward Voyage: The Price of Disobedience
         Land of the Lotus-eaters: "Sweet" Lure of Fantasy and Dreaminess
         Encountering the Cyclops: The Fateful Outcome of Curiosity, Greed,
              Arrogance and Anger
         Winds of Misfortune: Trust and Mistrust
         Entrapped by Circe: Lessons of Greed, Lack of Caution and the Power
              of Passion
         Surviving the Sirens: Flirting with Recklessness
         Scylla and Kharybdis: Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place
         Mutiny on the Island of Helios: The Inevitable Results of Rebellion and Giving In
         Alone, Humbled and Helped by the Gods
         Seven Years of Testing with the Goddess Calypso
         Final Leg of the Homeward Voyage: "Swim for It!"
         Odysseus Has Learned His Lessons: He Bows to the Guidance of the Higher
         Reunion of Father and Son: The Patience and Humility of Odysseus Tested
         Odysseus Reclaims His Palace and Kingdom: The Slaying of the Suitors
         The Reunion of Odysseus and Penelope
         Odysseus Claims the Nobility of True Manhood
         Soul-Transformation and Self-Transcendence: Ever So Much More a Man and
              a King
         Your Personal Odyssey of Transformation

 7  Soul Lessons: The Quest of Our Inner Heroine
         The Gifts of Our Own Inner Characters- In Kansas and the Land of the
         Inner Lessons from Dorothy's Companions: Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly
         The Field of Desires, the Gift of Cooperation and the Gift of Vision for
              Perceiving Truth
         Lessons and Gifts from the Dissolution of the Wicked Witch of the West
         Encounters with the Humbug Wizard of Oz
         The Ultimate Gift of Dorothy's Journey: The Loving Guidance of the Higher
         Exercise: Claiming Your Inner Freedom

 8  The Inner Journey of Endings and Beginnings
         The Beginning of Beginnings and Endings: Claiming the Gift of "Who I Am"
         Memories of Childhood and the Exciting Process of Individuation
         Cycles of Change and Self Discovery: Are You Living Your Life as an Echo?
         Alive and Well in the Present, We Can Let Go and Move On
         Scenarios of Endings and Beginnings in the Whirl of Change
         Renewed Opportunity Beyond Retirement
         Transforming Our Soul's Sense of Loss into New Beginnings and a Sense of
         The Great Challenge: Turning Karmic Losses into Transformational Experiences
         Exercise in Endings and Beginnings

 9  Cycles of Change: Beyond the Comfort Zone
         Moving Beyond Divorce And the Grief for What Might Have Been
         Shedding the Snakeskin of Grief and Sadness
         Painful Experiences of Loss Offer Special Gifts
         Exercise: Expanding Your Comfort Zone

10  Transformational Stages of Grief and Renewal
         Resistance to Life
         Greeting the New Day
         The Blessing of Renewal
         Meditation: Loving and Letting Go

11  The Gift of Living Fully in the Present
         Pain as an Essential Inner Teacher
         Be Awake! with the Nonattachment of Buddha
         Humor Helps in the Ups and Downs of Life
         Planting Seeds of Love and Hope for Our Future
         What Is My Gift to the Earth? What Can I Do to Bless Someone Today?
         Exercise: Applying History’s Ennobling Lessons of Courage and Honor

12  The Alchemy of Self-Transcendence
         The Phoenix Bird Rises from the Ashes
         The Choice for True Freedom: The Freedom to Be All of Who We Really Are
         It's a Matter of Intention and Balance
         Our Life Is a Sacred Adventure
         Journey in Practical Spirituality: Becoming the Arbiters of Our Destiny
         Fulfilling a Mission is Like Building a Dream House
         Exercise: Charting Your Personal Voyage of Life

         The Childhood of Our Soul
         Our Soul as a Stalwart Youth
         Rites of Passage for the Soul to Attain to True Adeptship
         Old Age: The Time for Adeptship
         Victory in This Life and Many Lifetimes
         Meditation: On Readiness to Return Home to God

         Heart-to-Heart with Dr. Barrick - Questions and Answers



     "This book asks us to 'focus our attention on the higher intelligence of our heart' and then describes in loving detail ways of doing just that. Those interested in the heart's ability to heal will find encouragement in these pages."
      —Ruth Bly, licensed psychologist, Jungian analyst, author
     "A profound treasure of spiritual truths and their practical application based on the author's many successful years of personal and professional experience. Written in the language of the heart and with remarkable clarity and sensitivity, this book will lead you, chapter by chapeter and step by step, to a profoundly healing dialogue with yourself and through an exciting spiritual and psychological journey of change."
      —Kenneth Frazier, L.P.C., D.A.P.A., A.C.P.E.

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