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Excerpt from:

Sacred Psychology of Change
Life as a Voyage of Transformation
by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.

Chapter 1
Forging Our Destiny in a Changing World

Change is inevitable.
Growth is optional.

—John Maxwell
Exercise for Attuning to Your Heart
  1. Offer a prayer to God, the angels and your loving Higher Self to help you attune to the vibrations of divine love in your heart.

  2. Focus your attention on your physical heartbeat. It may help you to place your hand over your heart, just to the left of center of your chest, until you feel that gentle thump, thump, thump.

  3. As you continue to pay attention to your heartbeat, pretend as if your breath were moving through the heart. Notice how the flow of the breath begins to synchronize with your heartbeat. Enjoy the relaxing feeling that comes with this practice as you stay with it for a moment or two.

  4. Stay in touch with these pleasant sensations of breath and heartbeat while remembering a happy experience and an uplifting feeling that goes with it, such as love, compassion, joy, inspiration, gratitude, appreciation or “just plain fun.”

  5. Stay focused on your heartbeat, your breath and the positive feelings of your happy experience for two or three minutes.

  6. Now ask your Higher Self for guidance. “What do I do now?” Or, “What is a good approach to this situation?”

  7. Listen to the loving response of your Higher Self. It will be the very first awareness you have after asking the question. It may be words, an image or simply an inner knowing. It is often simple and brief.

  8. Be aware that as you focus on your heartbeat, breathing and positive feelings, you offer your heart, brain and emotions the opportunity to move into "entrainment."

  9. Take time to observe and enjoy the gentle synchronicity between your heart, brain and physical processes.

Adapted from the HeartMath exercise developed by Doc Lew Childre and the Institute of HeartMath, Boulder Creek, California.
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