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Marilyn Cooper Barrick, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
(1932-2007 deceased)

Professional Credentials:
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Montana, 1987-2007
California, 1978-1988
Colorado, 1969-1988

Professional Work:
Private practice as a clinical psychologist, Paradise Valley, Montana
Seminars: “Spiritual Psychological Transformation for the Healing of Soul and Spirit” (U.S., Canada & Europe)
Author of Spiritual Psychology book series

Professional Membership:
Montana Psychological Association, 2007
American Psychological Association, 1967-2007
Colorado Psychological Association, 1967-1978
American Association of Humanistic Psychology, 1968-1978
Colorado Women Psychologists, 1976
C.C.F., Division of Clinical Psychology, American Psychological Association, 1966-1969
Colorado Association of Women Deans and Counselors, 1966-1969

Professional Positions (chronological order, present to past):
Private practice as clinical psychologist for over 40 years in Boulder and Denver, Colorado; Ventura, California; Livingston and Paradise Valley, Montana:
Individual and couple therapy; inner child work, relationship/marriage/family therapy, dream work, gestalt therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), workshops focusing on individual/spiritual psychological transformation for healing of soul and spirit, 1987-2007
Summit University Instructor, 1978-1982, 1986-1997
Personnel Director and Staff Counselor for Church Universal and Triumphant, Corwin Springs, Montana, 1987-1997
Director of Teaching Center for Church Universal and Triumphant, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1976-1978; 1982-1985
Group Associates: helped found personal growth center and facilitated workshops for the center; Boulder, Colorado, 1970-1971
U.S. Peace Corps training development officer, field assessment officer and staging counselor, 1968-1971
School Psychologist, Boulder Valley Schools, 1965-1966

University Professional Positions:
Assistant Professor, Attendant Rank, Psychology Department, University of Colorado taught graduate and undergraduate courses, 1966-1976:
    Abnormal Psychology,
    Independent Study,
    Clinical Study of the Individual,
    Practicum in Clinical Psychology,
    Problems in Clinical Psychology,
    Group Leader Training,
    Experimental Studies in Community Living,
Faculty advisor for master’s theses and doctoral dissertations,
Faculty sponsor, Arica course, “Techniques for Conscious Evolution”
Clinical Psychologist, University Counseling Center, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1965-1976
In-service Gestalt therapy facilitator trainer, human sexuality, meditation workshops, communications, educational counseling and residence hall programs, Rapline training for University of Colorado Student Crisis Hotline, 1973

Theological Credentials:
Ordained Minister, Church Universal and Triumphant,
August 27, 1984 - 2007
Lay Minister, Church Universal and Triumphant,
May 2, 1976 - August 26, 1984

Professional and Theological Consulting:
Consultant and trainer for Spiritual Counseling I & II: Intensive and Practicum, Church Universal and Triumphant ministerial training program, Corwin Springs, Montana, 1999 - 2001
Consultant to People House, Evergreen, Colorado, 1978
Professional advisor to Boulder Children’s Center, 1975-1976
Professional advisor to Family Resources Center, 1975-1976
Professional advisor to Beyond Divorce group, 1975-1976
Professional advisor to Empathy House (drug abuse and alcoholism center), 1975-1976
Law enforcement officers training projects for WICHE, 1971-1972
Professional Advisory Committee for Boulder Board of Mental Health, 1968-1972
Consultant to Eldorado Heights Residence for Adolescent Girls, 1970-1971
Professional advisor, People’s Clinic, 1968-1970

Dr. Barrick's Books, Articles and Research Publications:
The Journey Upward: Defining Moments in the Life of a Spiritual Psychologist, trade paperback book, published by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D., 2006.
Everything Is Energy: New Ways to Heal Your Body, Mind, & Spirit, trade paperback book, published by Summit University Press, 2005.
A Spiritual Approach to Parenting: Secrets of Raising the 21st Century Child, trade paperback book, published by Summit University Press, 2004.
Soul Reflections: Many Lives, Many Journeys, trade paperback book, published by Summit University Press, 2003.
EMOTIONS: Transforming Anger, Fear and Pain — Creating Heart Centeredness in a Turbulent World, trade paperback, published by Summit University Press, 2002.
DREAMS: Exploring the Secrets of Your Soul, trade paperback book, published by Summit University Press, 2001.
Sacred Psychology of Change: Life as a Voyage of Transformation, trade paperback book published by Summit University Press, 2000.
Sacred Psychology of Love: The Quest for Relationships That Unite Heart and Soul, trade paperback book published by Summit University Press, 1999.
“Spiritual Psychology with Dr. Marilyn Barrick,” column in Heart-to-Heart, a newsletter published by Summit University Press, 1998-2000
"Ask the Experts: 'Caught in a Tangled Web'" featured in Personal Transformation magazine Anniversary 2000, Issue 38
"Handling Conflict in Relationships the Aikido Way" featured in New Living, Health and Fitness NewsMagazine New York-Metro Area, August 1999
"Chasing Fear Out of the Arena of Loving and Relating" featured in New Living, Health and Fitness NewsMagazine New York-Metro Area, July 1999
"Strategy for Survival: How To Navigate the Turbulent 80s, published in The Coming Revolution: A Magazine for Higher Consciousness, Summit University Press, Malibu, California, 1982
“Your Aura,” published in The Coming Revolution: A Magazine for Higher Consciousness, Summit University Press, Malibu, California, 1981
“Looking In,” a series of self-help articles, published in Wings of the Springs, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1977
Chartering from the Grass Roots, published in Mandala, Journal for Summit International Teaching Centers, 1976
“Developmental Programming in an Era of Change,” paper presented to conference on the Role of Transitional Facilities in the Rehabilitation of the Emotionally Disturbed, Kansas State University, October 1968. Later incorporated in a book by the same title, Ed.E. Robert Sinnett and Angela D. Sachson, University Press of Kansas, 1970
“Similarities and Differences in Ongoing and Marathon Strength Groups,” paper presented in symposium at American Personnel and Guidance Association meeting, Detroit, Michigan, April 1968
"The Gap—Whose Problem?" Colorado Education Review, Colorado Education Association, May 1968
“Stimulation of Thinking: It’s Influence on Attitudes toward Mentally Ill People,” doctoral dissertation, 1966
“Confidence in the Patient: An Important Therapist Variable?” master’s thesis, 1965

Books for Teens, Their Families and Friends:
Wanting to Be Loved: A Spiritual Approach to Love, Sex and Relationships, co-authored by Dr. Neroli Duffy and Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D. Published by Summit University Press. Coming in 2005.
Wanting to Live: Overcoming the Seduction of Suicide, co-authored by Dr. Neroli Duffy and Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D. Published by Summit University Press, 2004.

Graduate School: Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, 1966
M.A., Psychology; Minor, Experimental Psychology, 1965
University of Colorado, Boulder
University: B.A., Psychology; Minor, Mathematics, 1961
University of Colorado, Boulder
High School: North Phoenix High School, Phoenix, Arizona, graduated 1949

Academic Honors:
U. S. Public Health Service Fellowships, 1961-1962; 1964-1965
Chi Omega Award for outstanding young woman in the social sciences, 1964
Phi Beta Kappa, 1961
B.A., magna cum laude, 1961

Post-Doctoral Training:
""Psychosocial Issues Near the End of Life: Considerations for Psychologists," APA Convention, July 31, 2004
""Integrating Religious and Spiritual Interventions," APA Convention, July 28, 2004
"Meditation: Theory and Practice," APA Convention, July 27, 2004
"ADHD/ADD Through the Life Span," Montana Psychological Association, October 17-18, 2003
"Navigating the Soul's Journey: Enhancing the Power of Your Intuitive Skills," The National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, August 7-10, 2003
"Family Wellness: Suvival Skills for Healthy Families," Amedco and CMFCE, June 25-26, 2003
"The Developing Mind," National Association of Social Workers–Montana Chapter, June 16-17, 2003
"Repairing Troubled Family Relationships," National Association of Social Workers–Montana Chapter, May 17-18, 2002
"Imagery, Prayer and Dreams Coming True," Academy for Guided Imagery, 2001
"Soul Medicine: A New Vision of Mind/Body/Spirit Medicine," Academy of Guided Imagery, 2001
"Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy," sponsored by Cross Country University, 2001
"Meridian-Based Energy Therapies," sponsored by National Association of Social Workers, 2001
"Images in Therapy" with Thomas Moore, Ph.D., 2000
"Mind Over Mood: Cognitive Therapy Innovations," 2000
"Healing with Presence, Persuasion, and Peptides," Academy for Guided Imagery, Inc., 1999
"M/B/S in Y2K: How Mind/Body/Spirit Medicine Will Revolutionize Health Care in the New Millennium," Academy for Guided Imagery, Inc., 1999
Continuing Medical Education, 1998: Treatment-resistant depression and bi-polar disorder; update on practical hypnosis; pharmacotherapy of personality disorders; management of side-effects of psychotropic agents; practical update on treating schizophrenia; psychosocial support for the medically ill.
"Clinical Applications of EMDR," EMDR Institute, Inc., 1998
"Self-Esteem and Health," cosponsored by CorTexT and Mind Matters Seminars, 1998
California Institute of Integral Studies, John and Jennifer Welwood: The healing power of unconditional presence: psychological work in the service of spiritual development, 1997
Continuing Medical Education, 1997: Bipolar disorder, depression, diagnosis, psychopharmacologic management of psychiatric disorders in women, cognitive therapy for depression
Continuing Medical Education, 1996: Neurobiology of sleep and dreams; clinical significance of anxiety in depression and suicide
EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing training, Levels I and II, 1995
U. S. Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress: Assessment and treatment of sleep disorders, updates on diagnosis and treatment of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders and dissociative disorders, 1993.
"Powerful Communication Skills for Women," Rockhurst College continuing Education Center, 1993
Workshops in Guided Imagery/Spirituality: Academy for Guided Imagery, 1991, 1993
Psychotherapy and Religion Workshop: Friedman, Los Angeles, California, 1981
"Successful Presentations Workshop," Business and Professional Research Institute, San Francisco, California, 1980
Marital and sexual therapy training: Bernard Apfelbaum, Berkeley Sex Therapy Group, 1980, Masters and Johnson, Denver, Colorado, 1973; Hartman and Fithian, Center for Marital and Sexual Studies, San Francisco, California, 1972; Lassen and Held, Denver, Colorado, October 1971
Psychosynthesis Summer Intensive, Edith Stauffer, Psychosynthesis Training Center, Pasadena, California, 1979
Gestalt Therapy Training: Evergreen Institute Workshops, Evergreen, Colorado, 1967, 1968, 1978; Gestalt workshops in Boulder, Colorado, 1971,1973
Family Therapy Training: Structural Family Therapy, 1977; Minuchin Family Therapy, 1976; Virginia Satir and Laura Dodson, 1974, 1975
Jungian Dream Theory and Practice: Dreissen, 1976, Binswanger, 1976, Devore, Boulder, Colorado, 1975
Professional Development Seminars: University of Colorado Student Life Center, 1974
Psychodrama Training: Moreno, Hollander and Cronin, Denver Colorado, 1969-1970
Professional Consultation Workshop: Gerald Caplan, 1968
Sensitivity Training Workshops, Evergreen Institute, Evergreen, Colorado, 1968
A.P.A. workshop with Irving Polster, Washington D.C. 1967; workshop with Fritz Perls, Boulder, Colorado, 1967

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