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Exploring the Secrets of Your Soul
by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.
         The Journey of the Soul
         A Reverence for Spirit
         The Life Story of Grandfather
         Rediscovering Our Identity in Spirit
1  Mystical Roots of Dream Interpretation
         Guidance from the Great Spirit
         Dream Animals: A Manifestation of the Self
         Ancient Explanations of the Mysteries of Life
2  Ancient Records and the Scientific View
         Dream Incubation
         Ancient Dream Journals
         Dreams in Ancient Greece
         Biblical Dreams and Visions
         Church Fathers on Dreams: From God or Demons?
         The Eastern Orthodox View
         A Medieval Paradox
         The Talmud and the Koran
         A Dream Prophesies the Future of Britain
         Dreams through the Eyes of the Early Scientific Community
         Psychiatry's Influence on Dream Theory
         Who Is Right about the Interpretation of Your Dreams?
3  Physiology of Sleeping and Dreaming
         How Does All of This Work?
         Cycles of Dreaming through the Night
         The Good Fairy Heals a Child's Nightmare
         More on Alpha Waves and the Dream State
         REM-Sleep Deprivation
         Factors Influencing Dream Recall
         Women Recall Dreams More Often Than Men
4  Interpreting Symbols and Metaphors
         Three Unique Mother Dreams
         A Humorous Approach to Power and Mobility
         Is Every Dream Worth Analyzing?
         Two Levels of Interpretation
         A Past-Life Experience
         Anima and Animus Projections
         Dream Analysis: Four Stages
         Using Dream Metaphors in Waking Life
5  Dreams and Visions of Soul and Spirit
         Guidance from the Soul
         A Dreamer's Talking Horse Makes Sense
         Difficult Dreams Can Be a Gift
         Spiritual Protection
         Dreams from the Superconscious
         Using Imagery or Storytelling
         Hints about Handling Our Lives
         Messages from the Heaven World
         How to Recognize Past-Life Clues in a Dream
6  Creating Your Dream Journal
         Your Destiny and Life Mission
         Ask for a Guidance Dream or Vision
         Starting a Dream Journal
         Chart Your Major Life Experiences
         Remembering and Recording Your Dreams
         Analyzing and Learning from Your Dreams
         Create Your Own Dream Dictionary
         Reset the Program and Live Your Dreams
Exercise:  Dream Journaling
7  Discoveries from the Land of Shadows
         Transformation through a Poisonous Snake Dream
         A Recurring Shadow Dream: Mirrors and Variations on a Theme
         The Role of the Shadow and the Animus in Our Lives
         Transforming the Shadow Self
         Lessons of Forgiveness
         Learning to Love and Care for Ourselves
         The Creative Power of Sound
8  Dreams as Messages from Higher Realms
         A Spiritual Call to Action
         Evelyn's Parachute
         Dream Scenarios Key Us into Inner Dilemmas
         The Elements in Our Dreams Are Who We Are
         Judith's Transformational Dream Experience
         Gifts and Protection for a Woman Walking the Mystical Path
         Preparing for High Dreams and Etheric Experiences
9  Etheric Studies in the Heaven World
         Attuning Ourselves to the Etheric World
         Shambhala and a Soul-Retrieval Dream
         A Symbolic Lesson from a Retreat Experience
         Mirrors of the Buddha
         The Childlike Consciousness
         A Dream Glyph of the Initiations of a Guru
         Etheric Retreats Offer Spiritual Advancement
         Near-Death Glimpses of the Heaven World
         Lessons for Spiritual Growth
         Dwelling in the Consciousness of God
10  Lucid Dreaming and Tibetan Yoga
         Training Yourself for Lucid Dreaming
         Tibetan Dream Yoga
         Foundational Preparations for Dream Yoga
         Winding Down
         The Practices of Dream Yoga
         Dream Yoga's Four Major Tasks
         Transforming Fearsome Dream Figures
         Sleep Yoga and the Clear Light
         Preparation and Practice of Sleep Yoga
11  Dream Analysis from the Adept's Point of View
         The Mind and the Sleep State
         Setting Our Consciousness in the Right Direction
         Teachings of a Twentieth-Century Prophet
         Journeying at Night Takes Us through Many Levels
         Nicholas Roerich and the Mystical Symbology of Dreams
12  Nicholas Roerich's Dreams: A Message for Our Soul
         A Time of Inner Troubles
         Conjuring Up Dark Aspects of Consciousness
         Inner Monsters of Illusion
         We Will See Great Magi
         Saint Prokopyi
         Do Not Depart the Earth
         Guard the Benevolent Tree
         Out of Sorrow Grows Joy
         Invoking Spiritual Warriors to Stand with Us
         The Stance of the Soul of Light

      "This unique book on dreams integrates the soul's development on the spiritual path with personal dream work.... It invites us to consider a greater potential of the self beyond life's ordinary conflicts and helps us open up to a greater understanding of the purpose of life."
—Ralph Yaney, M.D.,
psychiatrist/psychoanalyst/author 10,001

Available from Summit University Press/The Summit Lighthouse.
1-800-245-5445 or 406-848-9500 Outside the U.S.A.

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