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Excerpt from:

Transforming Anger, Fear and Pain
Creating Heart-Centeredness
in a Turbulent World

by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.

Chapter 2
Mastering the Shadows of Fear

Fair seedtime had my soul, and I grew up
Fostered alike by beauty and by fear.

—William Wordsworth, The Prelude

      Let's take another look at the dragon of fear. As we do so, keep in mind your true identity as a child of the universe, a son or daughter of God. As the apostle John put it, "Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is."
      Think of yourself as a bearer of spiritual light, which emanates from your threefold flame and invigorates every dimension of your being. Only when fear distracts you from that inner pulsation of light do you identify with that fear and lose track of the loving, courageous person you really are.
      Fear is like a shadow that slips in between you and the sun—the sun in the heavens and the sun of light and happiness within you. It clouds your true identity.
     Yet it isn't real, in the true sense of the word. It's a lot like Peter Pan's shadow, which he keeps trying to see and getting exasperated with when he can't. We ourselves get pretty exasperated with our "shadow" when we can't seem to hold on to it and see it for what it really is.
      When we identify with fear, we deny our selfhood. If in fear we think or say, "Maybe I won't make it, maybe I'm a lost cause, maybe God doesn't exist," we identify with the "not-self," the antithesis of our real being. That creates even more fear.
      Our fears relate not only to current situations in our lives but also to whatever karma and soul pain we may be carrying from past events or past lives. Each of us has records of fear hiding in the folds of our garments of consciousness.

Fear Is a Pollutant

      Fear is at the core of ignorance and superstition. We tend to fear whatever we don't understand, so we create superstitious myths and beliefs to explain it to ourselves. We even create an inner myth that we are unlovable—and turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy by behaving in unloving ways.
      On an energetic level, fear is one of the most active pollutants on the planet. When a horse smells it on his rider, he gets jumpy. A frightened animal will charge. Dictators and terrorists take control by instilling fear. And when we're afraid, we induce fear in others—scaring ourselves even more.
      Thus, fear begets more fear. Ultimately, we create an inner chain reaction that builds a momentum of fear that can culminate in panic and hysteria. Our fears harbored over this life and long-forgotten past lives become a tremendous force of disintegration within us. That force of disintegration also impacts people with whom we interact. And it adds to the planetary momentum of fear.
      Personal and planetary fears act as negative nutrients to the different levels of our consciousness. Over lifetimes of experiencing fear—sending out fear, taking in fear—we have been saturated with this toxin. Even our physical cells are accustomed to being fueled with fear.

Reconnect with Your Original Nature

      In my clinical practice, I have noticed that after years of being fueled with fear, many people have a fearfulness that penetrates the depths of their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being. A pervasive sense of terror lives in their heart and soul.
      When we so identify with fear, we tend to forget our spiritual origin. And when we are out of sync with our spiritual nature, we feel a deep sense of soul pain and disconnection.
      How do we reconnect? How do we turn our consciousness around? Many people on the spiritual path fast and pray in order to overcome fear. Through physical and spiritual purification, they gradually clarify their consciousness.
      In their purified state, every atom, cell and element of their being begins to vibrate in attunement with the presence of God within them. They are able to fully realize their oneness with the Creator. And in that state of oneness, fear has no power.
      We can think of every cell in our body as a star, a consciousness that has a focal point of the mind of God. The streams of light emanating from those cells reach all the way to the stars in the heavens, and the stars return the current.
      I believe this is the reason we enjoy an energizing uplift when we look up at a brilliant starry sky on a clear night. As we gaze upon the stars in the heavens, we connect with the infinite flow of cosmic energy and affirm our heritage as sons and daughters of God.
      Now we can seek to understand and resolve the source of our fears. As we do so, we can take to heart these enduring words: "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love."
      We take courage to be true to our original nature of divine love. We reawaken our love for God, for ourselves and for those we meet along the highway of life. We remind ourselves that divine love and peaceful contemplation are antidotes to fears and doubts that have been our inner tormentors.
      When you are feeling fearful, try this exercise to help connect with these antidotes:
  1. Offer a prayer to the angels and your Higher Self to help you reconnect with divine love and peaceful contemplation.
  2. Focus your attention on your heartbeat and on your breathing. Remember (or imagine) a beautiful nature scene or an uplifting moment in your life as you continue to stay in touch with your heartbeat and breath.
  3. Softly murmur words of love and comfort to your soul, your inner child.
  4. Envision the sunlight of your Divine Source flowing through you, enlightening you, invigorating you.
  5. Now ask yourself, "What is the best way for me to maintain this experience of divine love and tranquility?"
  6. Write down whatever intuitive answer comes to you. And follow through with it on a daily basis.

Generating a Whirling Sun of Inner Peace

      We all realize that instantaneous fear can be injected into a crowd of people. For example, when someone yells, "Fire!" in a crowded place (or we get news of an earthquake or terrorist attack), we feel the grip of that emotion.
      Why does this occur? That message of fear polarizes with fear we already harbor within ourselves. If we didn't have our own fear to ground it, that fear-laden yell would rouse us to appropriate action, not panic.
      We usually feel that fear in the pit of our stomach, which connects directly to our solar-plexus chakra. Sometimes the fear can get so strong we are quaking all over. What is the opposite of such inner fear and trembling? It is an ongoing sense of the inner peace and quietude we just practiced.
      Our solar-plexus chakra is meant to be a place of peace—a whirling sun of peace, spinning so fast that it appears to be utterly still. That whirling action transforms our inner trembling. And it deflects all that is unlike itself—just as a fan might blow away the dust. Try this mantra when you feel that shivering in your solar plexus (visualize a band of white fire around the chakra):

Come now by love divine,
Guard thou this soul of mine,
Make now my world all thine,
God's light around me shine.
I count one,
It is done.
O feeling world, Be still!
Two and three, I AM free,
Peace, it is God's will.
I count four,
I do adore
My Presence all divine.
Five and six, O God, affix
My gaze on Thee sublime!
I count seven,
Come, O heaven,
My energies take hold!
Eight and nine,
Completely thine,
My mental world enfold!
The white-fire light now encircles me,
All riptides are rejected!
With God's own might around me bright
I AM by love protected!
      When we have a powerful energy of peace whirling in our solar plexus, we do not tie into the fear when fear-inducing energies come at us. Those energies are deflected and transformed by our tremendous momentum of inner peace.
      How do we keep the chakra whirling? By moving with the flow. What does that mean? Socrates knows....

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