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Excerpt from:

Everything Is Energy
New Ways to Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit

by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.

Fulfilling the Destiny of the Soul

Developing Trust in God

          One of my clients, Jack, told me in his first session, “I know God is up there somewhere but it’s hard for me to trust him. Why is it that when I prayed for a miracle, it didn’t happen?”
          I asked Jack to tell me what had happened. And he was quick to respond, “My best friend, Dan, had a bad accident so I prayed really hard for him. And then, instead of getting better, he died. That really shook me up. Why didn’t God answer my prayers?”
          I responded, “That’s a tough one. And yet, I know that God does answer our prayers—but it’s not always the answer we expect. Have you asked God why it might have been Dan’s time to go?”
          Jack replied, “No, I’m kind of mad at God. He took my best friend away.”
          “I understand how you feel, but let’s look at it from Dan’s point of view. How do you think he felt about dying?” I asked.
          “Well, that’s part of it,” Jack said. “Dan kept telling me that he had a premonition that he wasn’t going to live long. And I kept telling him not to be morbid, that he was too young and healthy to be having thoughts like that.”
          “How old was Dan?” I asked.
“He had just turned 24 and he had his whole life ahead of him,” Jack replied. “Why did God take him?”
          “Let’s ask,” I replied. “I’d like you to do a spiritual exercise with me and we’ll ask God at a certain point in the exercise. Okay?”
          “Okay,” Jack mumbled.
          “First, I want you to get in touch with your physical heartbeat. Put your hand over your heart, a little to the left of the center of your chest, and stay with it until you feel your heartbeat.”
          Jack did exactly what I asked, which was a good sign.
          After a few moments of quiet, he said, “Okay, I’ve got it.”
          “Great, stay with it for a little while,” I responded.
          After a few moments, I continued the instruction. “Now stay in touch with your physical heartbeat and also pay attention to your breathing. It’s a double focus—on the heartbeat and your breathing. Let me know when you are in touch with both of them at once.”
          Jack took a few deep breaths and was quiet for a moment or two, and then he said, “Okay, I’ve got them.”
          “That’s good,” I replied. “Now stay in touch with your breath and heartbeat while you remember or imagine a beautiful scene in nature, like skiing on a sunny day where the snow is glistening or any other great experience you’ve had in your life. Take a moment to get in touch with that.”
          “Okay,” Jack said. “I’ve got it.”
          I responded, “Now put all three together, the heartbeat, the breathing and the memory of that great experience. And stay with it until I give you another instruction.”
          Jack did exactly as instructed. Several minutes later I suggested that he ask God, “Why did you take my friend away?” I told Jack to be aware of the response, which could be in words or an image or a flash of insight.
          Jack closed his eyes and communed with God. He was quiet for several moments and tears rolled down his cheeks. He brushed them away and a few minutes later opened his eyes and smiled.
          “That was something!” he told me. “Do you want to know why Dan needed to leave when he did? It’s because he has another mission to do for God. And you know what? God told me he loves me. And you know what else? I believe Him.” Jack and I both burst into laughter—and it was laughter of pure joy.
          Jack kept in touch with me and it was clear that God had turned around this young man’s consciousness. He shifted his major to theology and is now a pastor in his denomination. He called several years later to say, “I thought you would like to know that I am at peace about Dan. He has his mission for God and I have mine. And remember that movie, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’? I feel just like Jimmy Stewart. I’ve turned my life around 180 degrees. It’s a great life, isn’t it?”
          We never know exactly why the dramas of life occur as they do, but when we trust God and our Higher Self we make it through. And so do our families, friends and loved ones. When we feel a bit down, we can cheer ourselves up by anticipating a grand reunion with friends of the ages when we arrive in the heaven-world!

Meditation on Destiny

          Here is a beautiful meditation that can help us reconnect with our sense of higher destiny. This meditation was given to Mrs. Prophet by the ascended lady master Venus, Sanat Kumara’s twin flame. Lady Venus assists the lightbearers from the etheric realm, and she desires that every lightbearer win their victory.
          I suggest that you center in your heart and meditate upon her words of love and their meaning to your soul:

          I am a Mother of love, and love, too, comes in many guises. And so, strength is the quotient of love anchored within your heart. And steadfastness and each quality of light as you surrender, as you sacrifice, as you obey the laws of God come what may, is a love greater than the self. And only the love that transcends the self can be victorious; only the love that goes beyond [the self] and is confident of victory because of its momentum of love, only that love can win.
          Now then, weigh in the balance the decision of the hour, which may well become the decision of a lifetime. For you know, as decisions go, one decision leads to the next and you find yourself step by step farther and farther from the center or closer and closer to the heart of the [Divine] Mother.
          So, then, count each decision as a mark on the path of attainment. Count each decision as an expenditure, not only of your own light but [also] of the light with which hierarchy has vested you. Count each decision as you pass the hours and decide what to do each day with your life, and count that a decision that involves all of cosmos.
          Go out into the grass, into the fields in the evening. Lie on your back, look up at the stars and think in your heart, “Lady Venus is there. Sanat Kumara is there; millions of cosmic beings twinkle in the sky, and here am I. Here am I smelling the grasses and the fragrances of springtime. Here am I with a life and a potential. I can become a star. As Saint Germain has said, with a million, two million right decisions, I can win my ascension. I will begin right where I am. I will decide to be [one with] God.”
          If this is your decision and you will it through and through, then act upon the consequences of being God where you are. And you will know and you will see the meaning of the flame of responsibility. And perchance you will remember the hour when cosmic councils convened, when no one on Terra had enough light to sustain or magnetize a threefold flame large enough to keep the evolutions and a planet in rotation.
          You will recall how cosmic councils decided there was no purpose, no further reason for being for Terra. And the Flaming One, Sanat Kumara, my own beloved, appeared before those councils, saying, “I have a flame. I AM a living flame. I will go to Terra to keep the flame of life until some respond—enough to keep that flame for the multitudes.”
          Will you remember that that holy offering was an offering of one who had a sense of cosmic responsibility, a sense of responsibility to each one of you and to all mankind?
          There are evolutions in this world and in other worlds who are looking to you, each one of you, as you are seated in this hall this night. They look to you and they wonder, what is the mark of responsibility? What is the reach of responsibility? What is the vision of responsibility of these who call themselves Keepers of the Flame? Will they remember? Will they remember that in their heart is the fire that can start a world turning, an evolution glowing? Will they remember that there are souls who will win if they win and who will lose if they lose, if they fail to choose to be God where they are? . . .
          Terra is a key to victory in this entire solar system. And this solar system itself is a key to victory in this sector of the galaxy, and on and on. How do you know when and where the dominos will fall when you make a decision to be or not to be? ...
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