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Excerpt from:

Everything Is Energy
New Ways to Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit

by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.

          ...Nothing in the universe happens by chance or by wish. No one else can do it for us, not the saints or adepts, not those who have lived before, not those who will live in the future. We must play our parts—parts that we have been waiting lifetimes to play.

Healing the Traumas of the Soul

          In the process of therapy, people who are delving deep into the issues of their soul sometimes experience a past-life recall. This can happen in the course of the session or in preparing for it and, at times, the awareness comes in the form of a dream. That makes sense because our dreams reflect the unresolved issues and concerns of the soul, which surface from the unconscious and subconscious during sleep and as we are awakening.
          The residue of these ancient traumas can often be cleared in the process of energy therapy. What do I mean by “being cleared”? Clearing means that the associated memory dissipates, the negative emotions neutralize, negative thoughts shift to a positive perspective and the body is relieved of physical symptoms related to the trauma.
          I have done this kind of therapy successfully with many different people and situations. These traumas vary from accidents, illness, violence or sexual abuse to setbacks on the job or tension between colleagues or family members to community, church and spiritual dilemmas. Some people remember traumas from past lifetimes, how they died or were abducted or became entangled with evil.
          In my therapy sessions, I begin and end with a spiritual invocation, and my clients and I offer prayers throughout the session as needed. This establishes a safe space for our work and invokes the assistance of the angels and our spiritual overseers. And we conclude each session with the client connecting a positive affirmation with the neutralized traumatic memory, e.g., “I am at peace with my soul.”
          I suggest meditation or prayer work as a follow-through at home including prayers to Archangel Michael for protection, violet flame decrees for transmutation and prayers for the light of God to guide the soul. And I remind my clients that they can ask the angels to bind the negative habits of the naughty self and to cut the soul free from whatever is deterring the fulfillment of their divine destiny.
          I believe that the battle of good and evil is the major issue in today’s world and that it is a primary reason that people are drawn to movies such as Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. In the privacy of their mind, heart and soul, many people are pondering the dilemma of good and evil and are praying for divine intercession.
          I also believe there are many paths to understanding the infinite nature of God. This is one reason that we have all of the world’s major religions. Each of them was developed from the perspective of people who lived in a particular culture at a certain time in history. Yet, at the level of mystical understanding all true religions merge into oneness with the Creator.
          Whatever negative drama we face, we can pray for wisdom and discernment, clear vision, a compassionate heart and the transmutation of doubt and fear. And we can ask God to help us replace any negative attitudes, thoughts, feelings and habits with a sense of higher purpose, wisdom and compassion, the inner resolve to be true to our Higher Self and a solid plan to meet the challenge with courage and determination.

Alice’s Story: A Past-Life Drama Come Full Circle

          In the process of psychotherapy, I have seen people process life and death scenes, afterlife experiences and the reentry of the soul into a new body and a new life. I will never forget Alice, a woman in her thirties, who requested EMDR therapy to understand her anger toward a particular man in her life.
          She said, “I don’t know what it is about Glen, but I go into a rage whenever I think about him. It’s a good thing I’m not seeing much of him anymore. But I would like to understand it, and I’d like to get rid of the anger. It doesn’t seem reasonable to get so mad at him. I think it’s from another lifetime.”
          That was the preamble to her inner processing. When Alice focused on her anger toward Glen, she suddenly found herself in the middle of a scene in which a man had beaten, raped and left her for dead. She focused on his face and realized it was Glen, whom she was so angry with in this life.
          She became more agitated as the scenes flashed by. She survived the rape scene but was crippled from it and never got over her fury. In fact, to the end of her days in that lifetime, she swore to get even with him no matter what it took. As she said to me, “No wonder I can’t stand Glen! He’s the guy who beat me, raped me and left me for dead in that lifetime. He deserves whatever awful thing happens to him in this life!”
          Alice was not about to forgive the rapist or to let the whole matter go. She was stuck in her rage. It was as though she had forgotten that she had come for therapy to resolve her anger. Now she was adamantly demanding vengeance. From her angry outburst, it was obvious that she had appointed herself judge, jury and executioner of the man in the past life that she believed to be Glen in this life. Her fury was rapidly escalating instead of abating.
          I silently prayed to God for her illumination and clear vision. And as we continued the session, Alice flashed back to an earlier lifetime where in a fit of jealousy and rage she had knifed and killed Glen. He had sworn vengeance on her, which resulted in the rape she had gone through in the later lifetime.
          Alice was horrified to realize that she might have started the whole thing. She cried out, “I can’t believe it! I’ve been the pot calling the kettle black, haven’t I? God help me!”
          “Of course, God will help you. He loves you,” I responded. “Remember, these are simply records of old trauma. Once you understand the past, you can make a new decision.”
          Alice was now ready to consider forgiveness and some kind of resolution, but she could not seem to let go. As she continued processing, scene after scene from other lifetimes came up, and in each one either she was getting even with him or he was getting even with her. They had been chasing and killing each other over lifetimes, and at this point she was not sure who had started it.
          Alice finally sighed and said, “This simply has to stop. As the Bible says, ‘Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.’”
I suggested she pray to her guardian angel to help her to forgive Glen. After a time, she began to look more peaceful, and a few minutes later she relaxed, smiled and said, “Okay, let’s talk.”
          Alice told me that in her imagery she and Glen had gone to an etheric retreat, a spiritual retreat in the etheric octave, and talked the whole thing over. They realized that their anger and vengeance had created the drama. And they agreed it was time to bury the past and to heal the anger with love and forgiveness. In Alice’s meditation, they forgave each other and prayed for God’s love to heal them. Alice said she felt peaceful and happy.
          We checked it out one more time by having her focus on the original trauma. She stayed peaceful. She decided on an affirmation to connect with the neutralized drama: “I am God’s love in action here.”
          Alice told me how relieved she was to have let go of the anger and to feel like the loving person she intuitively knows she is. In a follow-up session a few weeks later, she was still at peace. In fact, it was hard for her to imagine the drama had ever happened. Alice summed it up: “It’s like I’m a new person, thank God.”
          Not all sessions are this dramatic, but I get confirmation on an ongoing basis of the power of love and forgiveness. I am happily reassured of the continuity of life and opportunity for the soul and of the validity of the teachings of Jesus, Gautama Buddha, Krishna and all the great adepts that the nature of God is Love.
          I believe that God blesses us with opportunities to heal our hurts and to open our hearts to one another. When we meet the trials of life with a loving heart and a willingness to forgive, we win a victory within ourselves—and we feel the return current of God’s love. ...
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