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Everything Is Energy
New Ways to Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit

by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.

"Everything Is Energy affords a fascinating look at a wealth of information
about important truths in a readable manner. I recommend it
for seekers of truth of all persuasions."
—Ranville Clark, M.D.,
psychiatrist, president of Psychiatric Center Chtd., Washington, D.C.




1     Walking the Labyrinth of Life

2     Here I Am Again!

3     Fulfilling the Destiny of the Soul

4     A Jump-Start to Healing

       A Meditation on the Heart

5     The Dweller and the Y in the Path

6     Fables and Stories Reveal Human Nature

7     Intuition and Intention

8     Consciousness and Spirituality

9     Discernment of Good and Evil

10   Tapping the Wisdom of the Heart

11   Interweaving Science and Religion

12   Transcending the Human Drama

Questions and Answers with Dr. Marilyn Barrick

Alchemical Energy Formulas

The Chart of Your Divine Self




          " Dr. Barrick blends Jungian dream work, Kabbalah, EMDR, and prayer into a tapestry of beautiful and practical appraoaches to healing of the imbalances and splits in psyche and soma....Those of us who are also students of science know well that all thingas are energy, light, motion, all in an evolutionary dance. We are such things. And only through those means...energy, light, motion and change can we be brought to our potential."
—Anne De Vore, Ph.D., Jungian analyst

          Buy Everything Is Energy: New Ways to Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit directly from Summit University Press/The Summit Lighthouse 1-800-245-5445 or 406-848-9500 outside the U.S.A. Contact Dr. Barrick at (406) 848-9887, Paradise Valley, Montana.

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