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Excerpt from:

Everything Is Energy
New Ways to Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit

by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.

Write down what thou hast received.
— Kuthumi                           
          In the privacy of mind, heart and soul, each of us harbors a sense of personal destiny. To fulfill that calling we journey through the ups and downs of life. Inwardly we travel through multilayers of consciousness: a superconscious that ignites our hopes and dreams, a conscious mind that is our every-day companion, a subconscious that acts as a subliminal influence and an unconscious that can erupt unexpectedly and propel or deter the fulfillment of our destiny. The superconscious is the source of our intuition, higher values and communion with God while the conscious mind is busy contemplating how to plan the day and address the daily doings. The subconscious is an inner reservoir that we tap when we try to remember something and say, “Wait a minute, it’s just on the tip of my tongue.” And in the depths of the unconscious, we store troublesome experiences that remain hidden until consciously addressed.
          Many people revolve traumatic events for weeks or months after they occur. As a result, they may experience sleep disturbance, emotional upheaval and a habitual second-guessing of their actions. The resulting stress can ignite aches and pains even when there is not a physical injury. This is because the residual energy cycles through the memory, thoughts and emotions and lands in the physical body. My role as a clinical psychologist is to help people resolve traumatic experiences and heal the residue of upsetting memories, self-limiting thoughts, distracting emotions, self-defeating behavior and related physical distress. Through a combination of spiritual psychology and the techniques of energy therapy, many people have experienced a complete turnaround in consciousness. As one of my clients put it, “I have a new lease on life!”
          My interest in psychology and spirituality goes back to childhood. As a child, I used to imagine becoming a nurse, a doctor or a missionary. My father put his foot down on the missionary idea even though I had two girl cousins who ended up doing exactly that in Africa and South America. When I entered high school, my dad suggested that if I was seriously interested in either nursing or medicine I should take pre-med courses. I decided to do that and the course work was a challenge—I would never have made it through physics without a great lab partner! I pursued a bachelor of nursing degree in college but ended up marrying and starting a family after a year in the program.
          Once my children were in school I decided to finish college but realized nursing was no longer a practical goal. Since I was interested in the psychological impact of illness and trauma, I shifted my major to psychology. After completing my undergraduate work and a Master of Science degree, I worked as a school psychologist for several years. Upon completion of my Ph.D. degree, I taught graduate courses for the psychology department and worked as a clinical psychologist in the University of Colorado counseling center. I also started a private practice. My childhood daydreams of being a doctor or nurse had come to fruition very differently than I had anticipated.
          The ministry aspect of my life is rooted in my childhood faith, my interest in missionary work and my walk with Jesus as a teenager. Whenever I didn’t know what to do I would ask Jesus to help me, and I always received an answer to my prayers. Our Baptist youth group was also a major influence. All of us took turns leading our Sunday evening youth service, including giving sermons. Afterwards we would play volleyball or go square dancing, and we often went swimming or hiking on Saturdays. Discussing our faith was a natural part of our time together.
          In the 1960s and early ’70s, when I was teaching at the university, students were exploring a smorgasbord of spiritual doctrines including Christianity, Eastern teachings and New Age concepts. I began to investigate faiths that were different from my upbringing in order to relate to the students’ understanding of spirituality.
          I had a client who was pursuing spirituality in a variety of ways including the practice of kriya yoga. One day in 1973, she told me about her experiences at a spiritual conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she camped out in the wilderness and learned about the teachings of a New Age group, The Summit Lighthouse, founded by Mark L. Prophet and his wife, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I lit up inside as she began telling me about these teachings, and I intuitively realized that I was meant to explore them. When I prayed for confirmation, I received a rush of light and energy. In the months that followed, I frequently visited La Tourelle, the headquarters of The Summit Lighthouse in Colorado Springs, to learn more about the spiritual teachings. I worked a summer at the University of Colorado to earn time off to attend a three-month spiritual retreat sponsored by The Summit Lighthouse in the spring of 1975. During those three months, we studied the dimensions of the soul, which is actually the root meaning of the word psychology. I realized that my profession as a psychologist had been a perfect introduction to my adult spiritual path.
          After the retreat, I returned to the counseling center and the psychology department at the University of Colorado as well as my private practice. And I continued to study the teachings of The Summit Lighthouse. Less than a year later, Mrs. Prophet asked me to come to La Tourelle to be the director of a small staff there; she and the rest of the staff were moving to Pasadena, California.
          As my children were young adults and pretty much on their own, I resigned from the counseling center and psychology department at the University of Colorado and began my service with The Summit Lighthouse. I also continued my profession as a clinical psychologist in private practice several days a week.
          Before moving to California, Mrs. Prophet gave me the spiritual blessing of lay minister. And I had a transforming energy experience. As she touched the crown of my head with an amethyst jewel, a major tingling of spiritual fire went through me. She asked if I had felt that. I said, “Yes!” And she responded, “It’s a real flame, you know.” I’ve never forgotten that sensation of feeling aglow from head to foot.
          Thus began my spiritual profession as a lay minister, and I was on track for my mission as a spiritual psychologist. In the late 1970s, the headquarters of The Summit Lighthouse moved to Malibu, California, and later became known as Church Universal and Triumphant. In 1984, I became an ordained minister in the Church.
          Over the years, I had the privilege of teaching, participating in lecture tours and serving as personnel director for The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant, while continuing my private practice as a clinical psychologist. These activities continued when the organization moved its headquarters to Paradise Valley, Montana.
          In 1997, when the organization went through a downsizing, I awoke in the middle of the night and talked to God about it. I asked the ascended master Kuthumi, who is known as the master psychologist, “What do I do now?” The answer was immediate and clear. A vision appeared before my closed eyes, words written in brilliant, shimmering fire: Write Down What Thou Hast Received. I realized this was divine direction and immediately began to write what became the seven-book Spiritual Psychology series.
          Through my books, I hope to leave a legacy of inspiration and information to encourage my clients as well as people I may never see in person. I also desire to reach those who may not seek therapy or spiritual counseling but have concerns similar to my clients.
          Sacred Psychology of Love: The Quest for Relationships That Unite Heart and Soul is about how to master the lessons of love and create enduring love relationships. The book is a synthesis of my understanding of sacred texts, my clinical expertise and what I have learned from life about the hidden dramas inherent in friendships, love relationships and marriage. The reader has the opportunity to learn how all of this relates to the union of heart and soul.
          Sacred Psychology of Change: Life as a Voyage of Transformation focuses on how cycles of change and chaos can become a transformational opportunity. This book stresses the importance of an open heart, a creative mind-set and the maturing of the soul in order to navigate the waves of change. By way of storytelling and self-help exercises, the reader learns a variety of practical approaches to the challenging scenarios of our fast-moving world.
          Dreams: Exploring the Secrets of Your Soul validates the concept that everyone and everything in a dream represents an aspect of the dreamer. This book makes clear to the reader that dreams not only connect with events in life but also express a dimension of the soul. In short, everything in your dream is you! Through learning how to remember our dreams and interpret their symbolism, we can decode the metaphorical messages of the soul and spirit. By so doing, we can shift our lives onto an upward track.
          In Emotions: Transforming Anger, Fear and Pain, the book explains in depth how we can transform painful emotions and achieve a balance in body, mind and soul. The reader learns how to release anger, fear and grief in a healthy way and replace them with inner strength, courage and peace of mind. This book is an invaluable guidebook for everyone whose life is impacted by the turmoil and violence rampant in the world today.
          Soul Reflections: Many Lives, Many Journeys speaks to the many people who are seeking spiritual awakening or are on a quest for enlightenment. While we may look to therapists, coaches and ministers for answers, ultimately the healing of soul and spirit is an inner journey. The book includes the study of factual and legendary heroes along with inspiring meditations and practical exercises that can help us transform painful experiences of the past.
          A Spiritual Approach to Parenting: Secrets of Raising the 21st Century Child is about the families, teachers and mentors who are running full speed ahead to keep up with an ever-changing world. Included is a discussion of the Aquarian family, New Age children and young geniuses who have a special mission to fulfill. The book offers insights about these extraordinary children plus teachings on the cycles of life and their corresponding life lessons, an analysis of how karma and past-life records can impact marriage and family life —and what to do about it.
          In Everything Is Energy: New Ways to Heal Your Body, Mind and Spirit, the reader learns the details of how our energy levels affect our attitudes, thoughts, emotions and physical well-being. The book includes examples and case histories that demonstrate how we can resolve old trauma by changing the associated energy patterns. The reader also gains knowledge about intuition, intention and spirituality and how they relate to energy work and the achievement of higher consciousness.
          What is offered in this book is what my heart has confirmed. As you turn the pages, I suggest that you reflect upon your inspiring life experiences as well as traumas that may have left an uncomfortable residue—and how you might heal them. I also suggest that you define your purpose in life and how you plan to fulfill your special mission. I wish you well in your life journey. May God bless and keep you every step of the way until you return, victorious, to the heaven-world.

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