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Excerpt from:

Everything Is Energy
New Ways to Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit

by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.

Energy is God. How gloriously we find him in all life.
— Maitreya
          The majestic Rocky Mountains where I conduct my clinical practice and write my books are an inspiration to soul and spirit, and the purity of the atmosphere in the mountains is energizing.
          This pure natural energy contributes to my work as a clinical psychologist, minister and writer by providing daily evidence of the remarkable influence that our surroundings have on the body, mind and spirit. It is a constant reminder that shifts and changes in energy—much like the noticeable freshness in the air after a rain—are key to healing hurtful memories, changing negative mind-sets and restoring equilibrium.
          This is my mission statement: To inspire, illumine, nurture and empower those who come to me for assistance in fulfilling their special mission. It is the major purpose of my clinical practice, ministerial service, books, workshops and lectures and the self-help material I post on my Web site, http://www.spiritualpsychology.com All of us lose track of our mission at times. We are distracted by the challenges of daily life or blindsided by situations that take us off course. Yet, difficult experiences can actually help us align with our inner compass, the Higher Self, because they trigger an assessment of what we value in life. Once we know our priorities, we can achieve them by setting specific goals and strategies. Soon we are back on track with our mission.
          My practice as a spiritual psychologist reinforces my view that energy, both atmospheric and the energy comprising our physical being, is key to resolving trauma and moving through life with a positive stance. In this book, Everything Is Energy: New Ways to Heal Your Body, Mind and Spirit, I focus on the impact of difficult life experiences and how they influence our attitudes, mind-sets, emotions and body sensations. And I offer practical ways to heal the residue of trauma.
          It is my hope that the concepts in this book will awaken in the reader an awareness of our origin as souls of light, composed of divine energy, molded by the Creator and born on earth to fulfill a unique purpose. I believe that no matter what sorrows we encounter in our earthly life, when we put our hand in Godís hand all of heaven will mobilize to help us. May your life journey be victorious!

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