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The Journey Upward
Defining Moments in the Life of a Spiritual Psychologist
by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.

1  Here I Am Again
Stories of Ancient Atlantis
History of Atlantis
Resolving an Ancient Record
The Impact of a Family Tragedy
A Retrospective Understanding
Graduation and a Funeral
A Shift in Consciousness
The Healing Process
Time to Move On!
Trauma as Opportunity
Fond Memories of Mama
The Fig Tree Bears: Mama's Novel
The Magic of Books
2 The Milkman Brought Me?
Outwitting the Pesky Dweller
My Dog Pal
What Will I Do when I Grow Up?
A Broadening of Interests
My Father's Family
My Mother's Family
When We Were Young
Growing Up in the Country
Religious and Cultural Values
Preparation for My Mission
Fulfilling My Sunniest Dreams
What Is My Mission?
3 Navigating the Turbulent Teens
The New Family
Music: A Joyful Respite
Playing for Fun
What Would Jesus Do?
Youth Activities
Weekend Fun Times
Prom Night
Going Steady
The Challenge of College
College Begets Marriage
A New Chapter in My Life
Leaving the Past Behind
Looking to the Future
A Focus on Spirituality
A Transformational Journey
4  Life on the Ship of Marriage
Life in a Mobile Home Midst Ice and Snow
Guess What!
Adventures as a Young Family
Life with Skeeter
A Trip Down Memory Lane
Back to Boulder Again
Life in the Country
Raising Arabian Horses
Siberian Huskies Too!
Back to College
College Challenges
Entering Graduate School
Completion of the Marriage Cycle
5 Choosing My Life Calling
Religious Differences
Studying the History of Religion
Freedom of Religion
Exploring Culture and Religion
Native American Tribes
What Would God Have Me Do?
Inner Realizations
Sympathy versus Compassion
Sinking in the Quicksand
Lessons from the Sixties
Whatís It All about, Alfie?
Integrating Psychology and Spirituality
A Depth of Compassion
Only Synthetic Gems Have No Flaws
Be True to Yourself and to God
6 Stories of the Elementals
Tale of Two Gnomes by Kathleen Wilkins
Respect for the Elementals
7 Messages from the Soul
What about Scary Dreams?
Stay Out of Harmís Way!
Flying Too High
Outwitting the Daredevil
Crash and Burn!
A Transpersonal View of Dreams
Discovering the High Road
Learning from a Nightmare
Spiritual Alchemy
My Burden Is Light!
Another Significant Dream
Outwitting the Dweller
The Soul: A Great Dramatist
Metaphorical Lessons
8 A Dramatic Shift!
Cosmic Tutoring
What Is My Lesson?
Traveling Forward on My Spiritual Path
Spiritual Acceleration
Gratitude for Lessons Learned
Setting the Stage for Intercession
Reigniting My Professional Life
Change Is Inevitable
Divine Guidance
Spiritual Growth
Past-Life Connections
Gratitude to My Spiritual Teachers
Personal Checklist
9 Accelerating the Spiritual Journey
Heeding the Voice of God
Rebecca's Dilemma
Exploring Rebecca's Distress
The Price of Not Being Honest
Renewing the Love Relationship
Intercession of the Heavenly Hosts
Memories of a Cloistered Life
The Will of God Is Good
You Still Look Like a Nun!
An Amazing Revelation
Asking God Questions
Challenges in the Study of Latin
A Meditation on the Heart
10  Illumination: Key to Victory
Mercy and Compassion
Increasing Our Capacity to Love
The Power of Forgiveness
Our Enemies Are Our Teachers
Lessons from the Mirror of Life
The Givingness of Self
Disciplining Our Emotions
The Cosmic Lightbulb
Be a Devotee of the Living Flame of Love
Realignment of the Soul
Revere the Divine Child Within
Teachings of the Buddha
Restoring Inner Peace
A Meditation on Loving-Kindness and Forgiveness
11 Pursuing My Calling as a Writer
What Is Your Special Gift?
The Gift of Illumination
Influences in My Writing Career
Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Roam
Give the Buffalo Wide Berth!
Memories of Crossing the Prarie in a Covered Wagon
Native Americans A Valuable Part of Our Heritage
Preserving the Indian Culture
Fear of the Unknown
More Cultural Differences
Explorers of the Western Frontier
Little House on the Prairie
The Developed Heart
12 Reflections of a Lifetime
What Can We Do to Help?
Vision of Higher Realms
Flashes of Past-Life Memories
Cultivating Generosity of Spirit
I Believe in Angels
Mother Theresa: An Angel on Earth
The Light of Christ
Following the Footprints of Christ Jesus
An Amazing Outcome
The Glory of the Soul
Up, Up, Up the Crystal Cord!
Higher Consciousness
Questions & Answers with Dr. Marilyn Barrick
Alchemical Energy Formulas
The Chart of Your Divine Self

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