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Excerpt from:

The Journey Upward
Defining Moments in the Life of a Spiritual Psychologist
by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.


If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed,
…nothing shall be impossible unto you.
—Matthew 17:20

         The Paradise Valley in the Rocky Mountains, where I conduct my clinical practice and write my books inspires my work, and the purity of the atmosphere continually energizes my physical, emotional and mental being. Living in the country brings also the blessing of sparkling streams and waterfalls and the majesty of the mountains, which peacefully uplift my soul and spirit.
         As a nature lover, I revel in the seasonal changes of the sky and terrain, the freshness of the air after a rain shower, and the breathtaking beauty of a winter snowfall. The world of nature is truly a comfort and respite during moments of puzzlement or inordinate concern about life’s dramas. And my faith in a loving God is a steady compass as I pass through the storms of life.
         I believe that each of us comes into life blessed by God and our guardian angel to fulfill a sacred mission. Some people seem to know intuitively what they are meant to do, while others explore a variety of pathways before discovering a path that quickens that inner “Yes!” I have also learned that no matter how we may approach fulfilling our destiny, it’s only a matter of time before we realize that mistakes are an inevitable part of the process.
         Mistakes are not a lot of fun, but the upside is that we often discover new approaches as a result of correcting them. As we learn from our errors, we are propelled into a process of creative awareness, self-development and increasing expertise. Therefore we find ourselves better able to fulfill the mission of our soul and spirit.

A Life Changing Vision

         A number of years ago, my life took a sudden turn in a new direction. As I lay in bed meditating and asking my spiritual mentor, the ascended master Kuthumi, “Where do I go from here?” before my eyes appeared the words written in white fire, “Write down what thou hast received.”I lay there in a state of bliss contemplating what I understood from that fiery vision.
         I realized that Kuthumi was advising me to write about what I have learned throughout my lifetimes, particularly my spiritual experiences. I knew I was receiving my marching orders, and I have been writing ever since.
         During the course of this life, I have been fortunate to be able to integrate my spiritual journey with my profession as a clinical psychologist. And I am grateful to serve as an ordained minister in a church that honors the truths in the world’s major religions. Since there are many spiritual seekers I will never meet in person, whatever I gain in understanding and expertise I write about and also post as self-help material on my Web site: www.spiritualpsychology.com

Challenges Are Opportunities

         I have had many challenges in my life, which in retrospect I see as opportunities to realign myself with my spiritual compass, my  Higher Self, the inner mentor who provides feedback, inspiration and comfort. I make it a point to remind myself of my spiritual experiences, and I have kept a notebook of major turnaround events, many of which are included in this book.
         As you will see from reading this autobiography, my work as a spiritual psychologist is a natural outcome of my life experiences. I would like to begin the story by sharing my perception of my spiritual and psychological calling as a therapist and a writer:

To inspire, educate, nurture and encourage
Those who come to me for assistance
In fulfilling their highest hopes and dreams
So that each soul may return home to God
Mission accomplished!

Energy Is Key

         My life experiences and psychotherapy practice reinforce my view that energy, both atmospheric and personal, is key to fulfilling the mission of the soul and spirit. I also know that aligning with the Higher Self is the best way to quicken positive energy, achieve insight, relieve emotional distress and resolve upsetting experiences.
         My goal as a psychotherapist is to help clients resolve negative energy, let go of hurtful experiences and choose the high road. This is the best way I know to achieve personal goals. And I have learned that whatever difficulties we encounter on the road of life, we need to pursue the journey upward.
         Through reading about my experiences as a psychologist and spiritual seeker, I hope that the reader will become aware of an essential reality—that we are souls of light, molded by our Creator and born on planet Earth to fulfill a unique purpose.
         As we traverse the hills and valleys of our life experiences and increasingly embrace who we really are, I say to all who would strive to fulfill a higher destiny, may your journey upward be victorious!

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