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Excerpt from:

The Journey Upward
Defining Moments in the Life of a Spiritual Psychologist
by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.

Questions and Answers
with Dr. Marilyn Barrick

Q: Sometimes I wake up from a dream that feels like a past-life experience. How can I know if I am really remembering a past life or if it’s just a figment of my imagination?

A: You will most likely not know for sure until you have your meeting with the Lords of Karma at the conclusion of this life. However, whether or not it is actually a past-life memory, you can benefit by analyzing the dream. A dream can help you understand subconscious thoughts and feelings and how they may be impacting your waking life.
         I suggest that as soon as you wake up, even if it’s in the middle of the night, you record the dream—either on a tape recorder you keep by your bed or by writing it out if you are awake enough to do that. Ask yourself what each element of the dream means to you. And write down whatever comes to mind. Whatever comes to you is in some way related to the dream since that is what you are focused on.
         After you do this, you will have a feel for what you are trying to tell yourself through the dream, regardless of whether or not it is a past-life experience! And remember, whatever kind of dreams we have, there is always a message we need to heed. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be having the dream!

Q: How can I know what my spiritual mission is all about?

A: The best way I know is to pay attention to your spiritual life, which can include praying, meditating, reading the Bible, and asking God for guidance on a daily basis.
I believe our mission unfolds as we move through life, and I know that it has to do with being faithful to our highest values and kind and charitable to those we meet along the way.
         Often we begin to understand our spiritual mission through serving the needs of others. By helping other people, we also make good karma and balance our not-so-good karma. I believe that when we are kind and thoughtful in our interactions with others, we are in the process of fulfilling our spiritual mission even though we may not have defined it as such.

Q: How can I get to know my soul?

A: I believe that our mystical dreams reveal the secrets of our soul. And I also know that we come to understand the depths of our soul by trying our best to fulfill our highest aspirations.
         To get to know your soul, ask yourself, particularly in perplexing situations, “What would my soul want me to do”? And do it! As you do this on an ongoing basis, you will become much better acquainted with your soul.
         For the person on the spiritual path, the soul wants to do whatever will help her to come home to God at the end of this lifetime and achieve the ascension in the light.


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