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Sacred Psychology of Love
The Quest for Relationships
That Unite Heart and Soul

by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.

"A wonderful marriage of the mystical and practical, this
soul-nourishing book is beautiful, healing and thought-provoking."
-Sue Patton Thoele, author of Heart Centered Marriage                 

Author's Prologue
1  Mystical Beginnings
         A Vision of Our Mystical Origin and Trek to Earth
         The Quest To Rediscover Who We Are and the Higher Meaning of Life
         Pursuing Our Destiny of Love on Earth
2  The Story of Cosmic Union and Earthly Separation of Twin Flames
         The Magnet of Attraction Between Twin Flames
3  The Role of Karma in Twin-Flame Relationships
         The Drama of "Karmic Return" in a Love Relationship
         Twin Flames, Soul Mates and Karmic Partners
         Violet Flame Angels Help Us Balance Karma
         The Wheel of Karma as a Cosmic Teacher
4  Someday My Prince or Princess Will Come—and Then What?
         Love Stories Quicken the Hopes and Dreams of Our Soul
         A Fairy Tale as Our Inner Drama
         The Queen of Vanity Can Bear No Competition
         The Seven Feeling Spirits and Their Special Gifts
         Special Gifts for Our Soul's Chakras
         The Trickery of the Ego Queen and the Poison of Her Wares
         The Kiss of Spirit Awakens The Soul from the Spell of the Ego
         Prince Charming and Snow White as Metaphor
         The Melodrama Of Discerning Good From Evil
         Transforming Our Flaws into Virtues
         Exercise: Discovering Your Lovableness
         Exercise: Seven Steps to Help You Claim Your Lovableness
5  Saints, Sages and Mystics on the Mysteries of Love
         Walking in the Footsteps of the Master of Love
         Your Temple of Love, the Secret Chamber of Your Heart
         Seeking the Counsel of Your Higher Self
6  Creating Sacred Relationships
         Developing The Practice Of Lovingness
         Trading in the Ugly for the Beautiful
         Nourishing Heart and Soul Through Selfless Loving
7  Loving Relationships: Is There Really a Pot of Gold at the End of the

         Modeling Ourselves after the Perfect or Popular Person
         To Be or Not To Be Real-That Is the Question
         Claiming Your Sacred and Lovable Self
         Exercise: Staking Your Claim to the Golden Virtues at the End of Your
8  Chasing Fear Out of the Arena of Loving and Relating
         Facing Off with the Hobgoblin of Fear
         It's Okay to Talk to Yourself, You Can Learn a Lot!
         A Seven-Step Prescription for Healing Fear
         A Frightened Woman in a Big, Bad World
9  Disowning and Disconnecting from Your Real Self
         The Painful Price of Playing to the Audience
         Healing Your Inner Hurts
         Relationships-Sweet and Bittersweet
         Exercise in Happiness: Claiming Your Favorite Things
10  Getting To Know Your Inner "Other Half"
         Understanding the Role of the Anima in Man and the Animus in Woman
         The Drama and Consequences of Anima Projection
         The Play and Epilogue of Animus Projection
         The Negative Impact on a Man Who Does Not Integrate with His Inner
         Conscious Integration with His Anima Restores a Man's Power and Nobility
         The Price a Woman Pays for Not Integrating with Her Inner Masculine
         Conscious Integration with Her Animus Reveals a Woman's Strength and
         Taking a Giant Step Forward Toward Wholeness and Healthy Relationships
         Exercise: Loving Communication with Your Inner "Other Half"
11  Relationships as a Reflecting Mirror
         Friends and Loved Ones Mirror Our Positive and Negative Attributes
         Turning a Blind Eye to the Mirroring of Our Negatives Is a "Lose-Lose"
         Risking Seeing the Fullness of Ourselves in the Mirror Reflection
         Accentuating the Positives and Eliminating the Negatives in Ourselves
         Turn Your Differences into Assets
         Relationships Mirror Back the Ways We Treat Ourselves
         Uncovering the Jewel of Your Real Self
         Exercise: Healing Ourselves Through the Reflecting Mirror of the Other
12  Loving Communication: Communion of Heart and Soul
         Guarding Our Words Keeps Others from Understanding Our True
         Taking the Risk of Communicating Clearly, Honestly and Lovingly
         Resolving Hurt Feelings Through Loving Dialogue with Our Wounded Self
         Inner Strength, Peace and Calmness De-fuses Explosive Energy
13  Adopting Principles of Aikido when Conflict Arises
         Taking Problematic Situations to Your Loving Friends Upstairs
         Loving Forgiveness Opens the Heart and Heals the Rifts
         Accepting the Challenge of Loving Communication
         Reestablishing an Inner Bond of Love
         Exercise: Recreating the Dynamics of Loving Relationships
14  Differences in Men and Women: How They Love, Relate and

         How a Woman Resolves Hurt Feelings and Unsettling Situations
         How a Man Addresses and Handles Problematic Situations
         Loving, Sharing and Respecting Our Differences
15  Re-creating Parent-Child Patterns in Love Relationships
         A Man's Radar Alert: Reclaiming and Resolving the Mother Projection
         A Woman's Right to Freedom: Releasing the Grip of the Father Projection
         Resolving Old Patterns and Adding Spice to Loving Relationships
         Exercise: Communicating Lovingly
16  Love and Commitment Once the Honeymoon Is Over
         True Love Is a Heart-to-Heart, Soul-to-Soul Commitment
         Healing the Past and Creating a New Beginning
         Creating and Sustaining Loving Communication
         Ennobling One Another Through the Art of Loving Kindness
         Nurturing the Three Parties to a Marriage
         Essential Ingredients for Love and Marriage
17  Heart-Centered Loving in a Sacred Relationship
         Rekindling Love Through The "best" Formula
         Celebrating the Sacredness of Love
         Attaining to the "I-Thou" Relationship
         The Victory of Holy Love in Sacred Relationship
         Exercise: Behold the Spark of the Divine in the Heart and Soul of
              Everyone You Encounter
Appendix:  Heart-to-Heart with Dr. Barrick: Questions and Answers
         How Can I Be More Loving Even When I'm Stressed Out?
         Why Is It in a Relationship with Someone I Love, We End Up Pushing Each
              Other's Buttons?
         How Can I Love the People around Me When I Don't Feel Lovable?
         How Does What You Are Saying Relate to Homosexual or Lesbian
         Every Time I Think I've Found a Really Great Relationship I Get
              Disappointed-What Can I Do?
      "In our search for the Beloved, whether inner or outer, we seek that mysterious blend of beauty and practicality which Dr. Marilyn Barrick masterfully conveys on every page. Synthesizing her knowledge of sacred text, her clinical expertise and her life's wisdom, she has written a book for anyone seeking to love or to be loved. With compassion and humor, she gives us an important tool for enriching relationships."
-Anne de Vore, Jungian analyst     

A reader from Dayton, Ohio:
      This is a "Yessssss!" book on love and relationships!
      This book offers such a harmonious blend of spirituality and psychology and is written in such a down-to-earth, comforting style, that I got right into it from the very beginning. The exercises at the end of some of the chapters are creative, thought provoking and very practical. And even though some of the ideas were new to me, I felt challenged yet comfortable enough to follow through with them.
      There is a lot of information packed into this book, but it all relates to the healing of hearts and souls in a variety of human relationships. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is searching for meaningful relationships, to anyone who wants their present relationships to have more depth and meaning and to anyone who needs healing from painful relationships from the past and who is hoping for something better in the future.

Available from Summit University Press/The Summit Lighthouse.
1-800-245-5445 or 406-848-9500 Outside the U.S.A.

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