Spiritual Psychology
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Spiritual Psychological Transformation
Seminars with Dr. Marilyn Barrick
for the Healing of Soul and Spirit

Each day is an opportunity for the soul to attain
an element of eternal mastery. You do not pass
in one moment from the human octave to the divine,
but step by step you climb wisdom's golden stairs.


Walking the Upward Path

Learn How To:
  • Create a road map for your life journey
  • Walk the path of soul initiation
  • Heal the shadowy aspects of self
  • Resolve the residue of old trauma
  • Access the gifts of your Higher Self
  • Open the door to self-transformation
  • Offer yourself a brand new beginning
  • Choose to fulfill the destiny of your soul and spirit
  • Achieve the victory of the ascension
The more I study physics,
The more I am drawn to metaphysics

—Albert Einstein

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
Soul Transformation through EMDR

Learn How To:
  • Treat the lingering effects of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Gain keys to greater understanding and resolution to soul-vulnerabilities
  • Let go of deep soul pain
  • Break unwanted patterns and desires
  • Gain new insights about lessons for your soul
  • Move through a transformational healing process
  • Clear both present and past life traumas
  • Break free from repetitive negative experiences
Oh, could we do with this world of ours
As thou dost with thy garden bowers,
Reject the weeds and keep the flowers,
What a heaven on earth we'd make it!

—Thomas Moore

Journey of Love
How To Create and Sustain
Powerful and Fulfilling Relationships

Learn How To:
  • Meet and dance with your invisible, inner partner
  • Overcome your hesitancy to open up and share yourself with another
  • Understand relationship as a reflecting mirror
  • Express your feelings lovingly and truthfully
  • Become more conscious in your relationships and communicate more successfully with "Martian" men and "Venusian" women
  • Overcome your fear of heartbreak and step from aloneness into intimacy
  • Handle misunderstandings, anger, and hurt with those you love
  • Honor your sacred commitment to your partner while retaining your sense of independence
  • Be both true to yourself and loving to your beloved
Nothing is sweeter than love,
nothing stronger, nothing higher, nothing wider,
nothing more pleasant, nothing fuller nor better
in heaven and earth, because love is born of God.

—Thomas 'a Kempis

Life As a Voyage of Transformation
Let's Navigate Our Losses and Turn Them into Gains

Learn How To:
  • Explore cycles of change in the light of achieving your mission and vision
  • Catch the vision, open your heart, and welcome chaos as a transformational process
  • Face your losses and greet life's pain as an essential teacher
  • Turn the loneliness of abandonment into the joy of becoming more of who you are
  • Accept and work through the stages of grief and loss
  • Envision and explore the future while living productively in the present
  • Meet the challenge of claiming your gains and moving ahead
  • See each new cycle of life with new eyes, new hope, new perspective
  • Trust God and yourself to accomplish your impossible dream
We shall steer safely through every storm
so long as our heart is right,
our intention fervent, our courage steadfast,
and our trust fixed on God.
If at times, we are somewhat stunned
by the tempest, never fear.
Let us take breath, and go on afresh.

—Saint Francis de Sales

Free Yourself from Fear and Anxiety
Claim Your Courage and Keep On Moving

Learn How To:
  • Master the hobgoblins of the unconscious
  • Turn fear into a friendly radar signal
  • Handle your fears of:
    • feeling the pain of hurtful experiences
    • going beyond your comfort zone
    • facing the unknown
    • meeting cycles of change
  • Meet your fear and anxiety with an understanding heart and the strength of a peaceful warrior
  • Mobilize your courage and inner resources to handle scary situations
  • Disarm the dragon of defeat with loving forgiveness
  • Change your perspective, chart your course—and move on!
The strengthening of the bonds of love,
the uprooting of the seeds of anxiety and fear,
and the elimination of the sense of struggle
are the keys that open the door of individual happiness.


Anger and Its Many Disguises
Unmask It and Reclaim Your
Peaceful Warrior's Inner Strength

Learn How To:
  • Conquer the enemy of rage with the power of love
  • Discover your hidden anger and resentments and release your anger in a healthy way
  • Take command of your anger when you are under stress
  • Handle anger and hurt feelings with friends and loved ones
  • Avoid escalating anger in a conflict situation
  • Face and accept pain as an inner teacher
  • Heal your sense of vulnerability and helplessness
  • Offer your wounded self the gift of compassion and loving forgiveness
  • Accept the adversary with gratitude and a peaceful heart
  • Replace helplessness with loving confidence and powerful know-how!
I have learned through bitter experience
the one supreme lesson to conserve my anger,
and as heat conserved is transmuted into energy,
even so our anger controlled can be transmuted
into a power which can change the world.


Inner Child Workshop
Love Your Soul Free and
Get On with Being the Real You!

Learn How To:
  • Center in your powerful, wise adult and become the compassionate father, mother, mentor to your inner child
  • Experience the feelings, desires, and dreams of your soul in the person of your inner child, teenager, young adult
  • Touch the pain of your soul and begin to heal leftover bumps and bruises from childhood and youth
  • Explore the difference between who you really are and who you may think you are
  • Recognize and correct the false beliefs of your wounded child and vulnerable child adult
  • Handle yourself with agility and grace in the very midst of your karmic predicament
  • Reclaim your soul's inner knowing, vibrancy, and joy
  • Begin to discover the special gifts that only you can offer!
One of the greatest blessings that can ever come
to an embodied individual is the reawakening
of the divine sense and childlike wonder which so many
had in manifestation very early in their lives.

—Serapis Bey

Transforming Your Inner Critic
Catch the Rascal in Action and
Reclaim Your Inner Power and Creativity!

Learn How To:
  • Recognize the early warning signals of your inner critic and his cohorts
  • Remove the critic-mask and discover who is hiding there
  • Outwit and disarm your would-be helper through kindness and loving understanding
  • Swap self-criticism and the judging mind for the power and excitement of being true to yourself
  • Become your inner protector and soften early life memories with mercy and forgiveness
  • Make peace with the hurts of your childhood and those who brought you harm
  • Cultivate the practice of unconditional love and kindness for all you have been and for all you are
  • Empower your creative self to take command of your life even in the worst situations
Be slow to condemn,
be swift to love!
Be firm in your endeavors
and look above.

—Mother Mary

Loving Family Life and Parenting
Be a Beacon to Guide Your Loved Ones
Along Life's Way

Learn How To:
  • Understand your family in terms of your human lineage and ancestral "mackerels"
  • Transform yourself by choosing to learn from the reflecting mirrors of your family and loved ones
  • Cultivate loving interactions and a supportive family atmosphere
  • Recognize the emotional and spiritual needs of your children and give them what they need
  • Teach your children social skills, an enduring love for learning, and how to express their true, creative self
  • Give disciplines a positive spin and help your children express their full potential
  • Guide your child through the common childhood dramas and the emotional pitfalls of the teenage years
  • Help your family cultivate spiritual values that will sustain them all their lives
Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time


A Special Message from Marilyn Barrick

Dear Friends,

      I invite you to learn and share with me as we come together to explore spiritual psychological transformation. We will focus on one (or two) of these seven workshops—whichever topics you prefer. Or you may wish to opt for the new full-day dream intensive outlined in my cover letter. Truly it is a joy to experience a deeper understanding of who we are and who we may become!
      During our time together, I will offer spiritual teachings and psychological techniques to help you become more creative at work, more carefree in play, more caring in your relationships, and more in touch with your inner nature of divine love.
      You no longer need to carry the old baggage of uncomfortable memories, false beliefs, unresolved emotions, or automatic defensive reactions. These old momentums stand in the way of your being the loving, creative, powerful person you really are.
      In the workshops, we will pursue a deeper perspective on the lessons our souls are meant to learn from problematic experiences. Through guided imagery, spiritual meditations, and interactive exercises, you will embark on a sacred journey into your inner world to explore and touch with gentle awareness whatever needs to be healed.
      You may discover inner treasures of your soul, jewels that lie hidden behind protective walls you have built in an attempt to shut out pain and suffering. You may learn how to face your pain, love yourself free from hurts, and forgive those who have caused you harm.
      As we pursue our healing quest, we look forward to personal transformation and an increasing readiness to greet with hope and confidence our daily challenges and the oncoming age of Aquarius.

                                        May love and victory be yours,

                                                          Marilyn Barrick

Full-Day Dream Workshop

      Individual: $125

      Husband and wife: $200 for couple

Registration Fees for All Other Workshops

      Individual: $75

      Husband and wife: $125

      The dream workshop begins at 9:00 a.m. and concludes at 5:30 p.m., with an hour-and-a-half break for lunch. All other workshops last approximately three hours, plus time for questions and answers.
      Dr. Barrick will also be available for individual or couple counseling sessions on the days preceding and following the workshops. The fee for counseling sessions is $50 for a fifty-minute session.
      If you would like to do special trauma release work, you may wish to schedule an EMDR session (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). This is a two-hour session; the fee is $100.

      Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D, received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 1965. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and licensed in the state of Montana. For eleven years she taught as an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Colorado, and worked as a clinical psychologist on the staff of the University of Colorado counseling center. Her duties included clinical supervision of graduate interns, psychological assessment and career planning, individual and group psychotherapy, and crisis intervention.
      Over her thirty-nine-year professional career as a clinical psychologist in private practice, Dr. Barrick has also served as a psychological consultant to schools, government agencies, professional advisory boards, and a variety of mental health facilities.
      Dr. Barrick found the teachings of the Ascended Masters in 1973 and attended Summit University in 1975. She responded to the call to become director of the teaching center at La Tourelle in 1976 and received her lay minister blessing at that time. She was ordained as a minister of Church Universal and Triumphant in 1984. Over twenty-two years of church staff service, concluding in February 1998, she served as minister, personnel director, lecturer, workshop facilitator, staff counselor and psychological consultant, Summit University instructor, and elder of the Church.
      In her private psychotherapy practice, Dr. Barrick specializes in transformational work for the healing of soul and spirit. Her unique psycho-spiritual approach includes inner child work, dream analysis, spiritual practices, meditation, and EMDR trauma release therapy. Her mission is to inspire, illumine, nurture, and empower her clients to claim their true identity and to aspire to psychological wholeness, spiritual integration, and the fulfillment of their divine purpose in life.

Appreciation from Workshop Participants

      "Packed with information. Beautiful presentation."

      "Always a joy to experience the love and wisdom Marilyn shares."

      "I could see and understand both sides of a relationship. Fantastic tool to take home with me."

      "I really liked the depth and honesty of Dr. Barrick's answers."

      "This workshop feeds the heart with knowledge and joy of remembering who we really are."

      "I liked every single bit of it, especially the partner interchanges and stories and the steps on how to get rid of fear."

      "Marilyn is filled with the Holy Spirit and I am grateful for her presence and answers. Very spirit-filled session."

      "I liked the blend of practicality and spirituality and psychology."

      "I think everybody present found an important key. I did."

      "I especially liked the loving way it was presented, the total incorporation of the teachings. I loved everything about it--I think this type of workshop should be mandatory for anyone considering marriage."

      "I liked her calm steady voice and smile. Good information. Simple but deep."

      "Wonderful insight and sensitivity, lots of examples and clarity of thought and feeling about the subject. Delivered with grace and beauty."

      "I liked the practical and spiritual ideas for dealing with fears. They gave me a real sense of mastery, that I can overcome fears. This was just what I needed. Thank you!"

      "Facilitator was extremely knowledgeable about her subject. I especially liked the hands-on activities to promote personal insight."

      "Good information on others as mirror of self. I liked having the audience share with each other."

      "Give us more! more! more!"

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