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Excerpts from:

Many Lives, Many Journeys

by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.


I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.
—William Ernest Henley "Invictus"

      As I reflect upon the books I have previously written, on love, change, dreams and emotions, I realize that two elements draw them all together—God and the soul. I have always known God and I have always known my soul, but that was a private matter, or so I believed. Yet I have seen in my work as a minister and therapist that our souls have a lot in common.
      We all live on planet earth, we all have parents, we all have friends or acquaintances, we all breathe air and drink water, and we all yearn inwardly for "the good life." However, as I moved along through life, I remember asking myself, "What is the good life all about?" Perhaps you have done the same.
      Through trial and error I have discovered that it isn't about money or possessions or winning or losing. It isn't about being young or old. And it isn't about being loved, appreciated or admired by others. At the ripening age of 70 plus, I have come to realize that the good life is all about exploring, learning, loving, appreciating, enjoying and revering the journey.
      What is this journey? It has taken many forms for me: my soul loves the essence of God in nature, beauty, friendship, challenge, learning and what I experience when I reach for the stars. As a child I loved to talk to God, to feel the wind in my face as I biked, to play in the sand by the ocean and to meditate upon the stars. As a young girl I loved and learned, moved with the winds of change, dreamed my dreams and had my emotional ups and downs. As a young mother I nurtured, learned from and did the best I could for my children. As a grandmother I blissfully sit back and watch the show!
      As I reflect on my personal life, I am grateful for the ongoing opportunity to learn and grow—particularly spiritually. And I am most grateful for the blessed opportunity, with my hand in God's hand, to forge my soul's higher destiny.
      As a minister and therapist for many years, I have had the privilege of walking with God and being of help to people who have their own lives and dreams to pursue. Each and every person I have ever served has given me the greater gift.
      My desire is that whoever reads this book will benefit from these pages of soul reflections—my own and those of others—plus the revelations and guiding inspiration of spiritual mentors. With love and gratitude for the opportunity to learn and grow from the thoughts, memories and visions of my fellow seekers on the path, I invite you to embark on what I hope will be a healing journey.
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