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Wanting To Live
Overcoming the Seduction of Suicide

by Dr. Neroli Duffy
and Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.


Foreword by Lois Drake:
A Way Out—Or a Way Back?
The Gift of Life
PART 1: Understanding Suicide
A Special Place in God's Plan
Suicide—A National Epidemic
What Happens When You Die?
Every Suicide Goes to Heaven, Right?
A Case—History from the Heaven-World
We Have Lived Before
Tests Faced Before
The Soul Desires to Pass Her Tests
A Package on the Doorstep Every Day
The Impulse to Self-Destruct
Reckless Abandon
Depression, Discouragement and Despair
Sweet Death
Self-Destructive Lifestyles
So Recently in Heaven
An Interview with Angie Fenimore
PART 2: The Spiritual Equation
Levels of Energy
Your Spiritual Self
The Higher Self
The Lesser Self
To Be—Or Not to Be
Unseen Forces
Disembodied Spirits
Negative Forces That Prey on Susceptible Individuals
Seduction by the Suicide Entity
Suicide Clusters and Copycat Suicide
The Effects of Music
Evil Forces Are the Tempters
What If I Only Contemplate Suicide?
The Last Enemy
The Cause behind the Effect of Suicide
Discernment Is the Key
The Choice to Live
Are There Ever Exceptions?
Choose Life, Not Death
The Story of One Soul by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
PART 3: Approaching the Problem
A Reason to Live
Pursuing Your Passion
The Importance of a Loving Family An Appeal to Loving Adults
Teen Mentors and Peer Support Groups
Spiritual Support Is Key
The Healing Power of Forgiveness
PART 4: Spiritual Solutions
Divine Solutions
The Power of Prayer
Archangel Michael, the Angel of Protection
It Is the Angels' Role to Challenge Evil
Suicide and Terrorism
A Cylinder of Protection
How to Overcome the Not-Self
The Comfort of the Violet Flame
Pray for Those Who Have Committed Suicide
Families Left Behind
A Wake-Up Call
Warning Signs
If You or a Friend or Loved One Are Suicidal
Death Is Not Real

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